Outdoor Landscaping

My Latest Home Improvement Projects

This time of year I tend to want to spend more of my time outdoors than in. This means when I start looking for new home improvement projects, I start looking outside more too. Over the past few years I have been getting more and more into landscaping. I even entered a local home and garden show for the summer so need to get my yard into peak shape. To do this I have three big projects in mind.

First of all im trying to get my garden going, right now im just tilling up the soil and will be planting shortly. I plan on have lots of flowers and a variety of tomatoes as well. The whole yard needs to be landscaped but im taking it one weekend at a time.

Next I really want to put a cedar wood fence up around not only my garden but the entire yard. I went in and talked to a few folks at Fencing Pro Houston and they were able to give me a reasonable estimate and go over several different varieties and styles of wood fences for my backyard. I plan on getting that build within the next month.

Another project im really excited about is putting in a patio. I looked into some bulk concrete pavers and think I will try this as a DIY project. There is nothing more rewarding than having a hand in the work that gets done around the house. Ill let you all know how the patio turns out once I finish it and will also keep you updated on how the fence builders do.

Would I Need An Electrician To Install My New Ceiling Fan?

My home in Denver attests to the fact that I can be pretty handy. I’ve built and installed plenty of shelves and hardware that I use every day. But I’m not very confident in my electrical skills – when it comes to things like rewiring, I usually leave it up to the professional electricians.

So when I decided to replace all of the old ceiling fans in my home, I wasn’t entirely sure if I would be doing the work on my own or if I would be hiring one of Denver’s trusty electricians to do it. All I knew is that the old fans had to go. I needed to do a little research. Thankfully, you can find a lot of information about installing ceiling fans online.

I discovered that most of the process of installing new fans is pretty easy. Even I knew that you have to turn off the electricity before beginning the work. Head to your circuit breaker box, and find the switch that controls current to your breaker. This might take a minute if things aren’t properly labelled, but you’ll know when you’ve got the right breaker when you can’t turn on your fan anymore.

Once the power to your fan is out, unscrew the fan’s blades – this will lighten the weight of the canopy that you’ll be supporting in a moment. Then unscrew the canopy, taking care not to stand directly under it – just in case.

Next, you’ll need to disconnect the wires from the now-loose canopy. Again, the electricity leading to the fan needs to be off at this point. Once the canopy is disconnected, you’re ready to start installing your new fan. Basically, you’ll be doing fan removal process in reverse – very easy.

First you need to secure the new mounting bracket. Be certain to use new screws, and not to re-use the old holes. Then you’ll need to connect the wires. Before you do this, you’ll need to make sure that the ends of the wires are exposed so you can connect them properly.

First, you’ll need a wire stripper to strip insulation from the ends of the wires, leaving about 5/8” exposed. You’ll also need wire-nut, or twist-on, connectors. Don’t make the mistake of using electrical tape to connect the wires together. Any electrician in Denver will tell you that using tape is liable to yield loose, poorly-made connections can cause arcing and electrical fires.

Wire-nut connectors look a little like the little valve caps you remove when you add air to your car tires. Hold the two wire ends together, insert them into the open end of the wire nut, and twist several times until the new connection feels secure. Once the connections are made, you can attach the new canopy.

Because you’ll be holding the canopy in place for a moment or two, don’t attach the fan blades until the fan is securely mounted. Once you attach your blades, go ahead and flip that breaker back so you’ve got power to the fan. That’s it – you’re ready to enjoy your new fan.

I’m still no electrician, but the ceiling fan installation process was easier than I thought. It did take quite a while, however. If you don’t want to mess with wires, or want the fan installation completed quickly and reliably, feel free to call a professional electrical service. As for me, I’m going to relax under my new fan and contemplate a job well-done.

How roofing materials affect energy consumption

When selecting roofing materials for your property, there are some basics that you should always keep in mind. Whether it’s deciding on vinyl versus galvanized steel or getting the right measurements done, doing these will save you money and ensure that you get the best value for what you spend.


Knowing what you intend to do with roofing sheets is the first step in the process. Depending on the end-use, your choice of materials may vary. For example, if cost is your main consideration, then it will preclude high-cost materials. On the other hand, if esthetics is important to you above all else, then that helps narrow down your choice to materials that have a wide range of color options. Knowing the purpose will help you identify the product types to ultimately choose from.


Knowing your budget, as mentioned above, is equally critical to the success of your project and your ultimate satisfaction. When budget is a concern, finding roofing materials that are high in quality can be easier than you think. For example, vinyl roofing sheets aren’t very expensive, and they can be faithful servants for years to come. However, if you need a little more strength and not so much noise in rainy weather, then metal sheets are probably better. Yes, metal is actually less noisy than other options, but most people don’t know that; the thicker the material, the less the vibrations and, hence, the less the noise.

Size requirement

When choosing the quantity of sheets you need, never forget to consider the overlaps because this could add up to quite a bit on a long stretch of roofing. The only thing worse than having to go back and buy more sheets is having so many left over that you feel bad about spending that much money in the first place.

These three critical aspects will decide how satisfied you are when the project is completed.

It is Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Contact a Tub and Shower Contractor

Twenty years ago you bought your first home, you built and raised your family in it, and it was beautiful. Now it is time for a change, your baby blue tiled bathroom with matching blue tub are way outdated and to be honest, you are probably tired of looking at it. If you are ready for a new look for your bathroom contact the bathtub tub and glass shower contractor in Beltsville, MD today.

Here’s what we can do for you:  We will not only demolish your old outdated bathrooms, but we will help you every step of the way in designing the new bathroom of your dreams.  Are you looking for a waterfall showerhead, how about his and her sinks? We’ve got the capability to design your bathroom to not only be functional but beautiful.

a tub enclosure built from solid glassHere at the tub and shower contractor in Beltsville, MD we set ourselves above the rest. We also build custom glass shower doors in Silver Springs We guarantee customer satisfaction.  We offer a variety of materials to suit your needs and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we will go out of our way to find it for you. Do you want to redo your bathroom with environmentally friendly materials? We have access to hundreds of recycled materials made to look sleek and sheik.  Maybe you aren’t into recycled, that’s okay, we offer many top of the line products from well-known manufactures across the country.

Not only do we offer top of the line products, but every product we put into your bathroom has the promise to come directly from the good ol’ United States of America. We believe in making a better America and that begins with utilizing only American made products in American factories ran by American’s. So come on by our showroom located in the heart of Beltsville and talk to us about how we can make your bathroom design dreams a reality.

How a Siding Company in Charlottesville can Increase Home Value

You wouldn’t normally think that a siding company in Charlottesville or anywhere else would be able to impact the price of your home in a positive way, but that is the truth. Any company that can do a good siding job is worth its weight in gold. Here’s why:

Choosing the Materials

Different types of siding have different appeal when it comes to potential buyers. Some look for esthetic appeal while others look for functional value. Most, however, are always looking for quality and durability. Choosing the materials for your siding can be done by you, but taking the advice of a professional can actually pay you back handsomely should you ever decide to sell your home.

Doing the Job Right

Buying good siding is one thing, but installing it properly is an entirely different matter altogether. A job well-done means you just install it and forget about it except for the routine cleaning schedule. This is another area where choosing the material matters because some types of siding, such as wood, might require greater care and maintenance than vinyl, for example. Either way, the installation is critical because it affects how your home will look at the end of the project.

Getting the Right Price

Increasing the price of your home, therefore, is a function of these two criteria – the materials and the workmanship. When a potential buyer drives by or walks in to inspect your exteriors, the siding is among the first things to catch their eye. If they’re happy with it, they may want to take it to the next level and actually come inside for a better look. Any siding company in Charlottesville that cares about its reputation and the value it gives its customers will know this as a matter of fact.

If you’re serious about your home’s ultimate value, you will invest the time, effort and money into your home’s exterior as much as its interiors.

Tips for Longer Lasting Carpets

Not long ago I had the carpets in my home professionally cleaned. After complimenting the cleaners on a job well done I asked them for a few tips on how to preserve my carpeting in the long run. As with most things you like to take care of such as a car or your lawn, their answer was regular maintenance. But what sort of maintenance can you do for the carpet in your home?

The carpet cleaning company recommended that I get all the carpets and rugs in my home professionally cleaned about every six months. When you do this, you avoid any deep, set in stains from occurring. This way, each time they visit your home for their regularly scheduled cleaning service they will be able to get all the surface stains out. Because you are able to avoid any deeper and more harmful stains, you carpets will deteriorate at a much slower pace.

They also told me to consider the cleaning methods being used when I do have any carpet, or fabric in my home cleaned. Sometimes cleaning companies use methods that involve chemicals which can be hard on the materials they are cleaning. So while they may shine brighter for a short time, they won’t last as long because these chemicals not only break down dirty but also the fabric they are cleaning over time.

When you use safe methods and clean regularly you can go much longer without having to replace the carpets in your home.

Don’t Forget About Heating and Air!

When restoring your home remember that you can’t forget about your heating and air conditioning. This can be one of the most vital parts of your remodeling process. It improves the comfort of your home during the harsh winter and summer months. It also helps to improve the cost efficiency of your home. The main objective of home restoration is to improve the value and comfort of your home. It doesn’t matter if you are restoring the home for you to live in or if you plan on flipping the home for a profit. Having properly installed heating and air conditioning system installed in your home will make the difference for either objective.

By restoring your air system you will be able to increase the value of your home and save you money on your utility cost every month. With today’s technology you can also make your home more energy efficient by choosing products heating and cooling products that are rated for green energy. While these products may be more expensive it will also increase the value of your home because of green technology installed in your home.

Another great benefit is creating a more comfortable living area in your home. By having an efficient heating and cooling system in your home you will be able to hold a constant temperature in your home. A more powerful system will also make sure that your whole home will be the exact temperature throughout. I am sure you have experienced homes where the temperature difference in each room is apparent and can cause discomfort. You don’t want to have to wear a jacket in one room and then have to take it off in another.

There are many great heating and air conditioning companies out there to help you, but I have used one called Aire Serv of Las Vegas that provides expert technicians with outstanding customer service. You view their professionalism and services on their website at lasvegas.aireserv.com. If you don’t live in the Nevada area I am sure that they have an Aire Serv close to your location as well because they are a franchise and have locations all across the United States.

Finding Reputable Window Contractors

There are many different ways to go about choosing replacement windows around the area of Kansas. It can be a very daunting task of locating a reputable window vendor. With slim pickings around the Kansas area choosing the best one can mean taking a little extra time to look around for the best one. I have come up with a few simple tasks you can follow in order to find that perfect replacement window vendor. I used these exact same steps and found a very professional and expert window contractor that can be found at www.arrowexteriors.net. If you live around Topeka, Kansas, then I would strongly suggest you contact them and they will handle all of your replacement window needs. I hope that you will find this article informational and applicable to your window replacement situation.

Google it!

I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of Google and their search engine. All you have to do is type in ‘replacement windows’ and you will find a lot of window dealers in your area. If you are unhappy with the results or maybe nothing for your area showed up just try searching a location with your keyword, ‘replacement windows Topeka KS.’ All of the results will include reviews written by previous customers of that business.

Review it!

Once you find a good list of companies in Google start reading the reviews that other customers have written about them. This is a great way to weed out the bad companies and highlight the ones that conduct themselves in a professional manner. Google reviews will give them a star rating that is good for easy viewing rather than reading all of the reviews. I would suggest readying their highest rated review and their lowest rated review. If you are happy with what you read then give them a call and schedule appointment for yourself.

Finalize it!

Once you called the different contractors that you are interested and have find that perfect contractor finalize your appointment with them. During your appointment constantly watch the service technicians and then do your part and write a Google review for other potential customers in the future.

The One Thing You Can’t Forget When Plumbing

Sometimes I’m not sure what to write on this blog. I wonder what you, the reader, already knows. I wonder what might be obvious and what might be helpful to you. But usually I end up writing about mistakes I make and how I learn from them. Last week I needed to replace some pipe under the kitchen sink, here in my Naperville home. I’ve never had to do much plumbing, so I had to get a couple of new tools.

First one was a basin wrench. I’d never heard of one, but now I know that this is a very handy tool for plumbing. Especially if you’ve got a sink with really tight spaces in it, like mine. The basin wrench swivels, so you can get after really hard-to-reach nuts and bolts. I wasn’t having any luck with my old wrenches, but this one did the trick.

I also picked up a new pipe wrench – needed a second one to get the job done. I needed one to turn, and the other to grip the pipe. These wrenches are big and heavy, but they’re great for connecting and disconnecting the pipes under your sink.

While I’m thinking about it, don’t forget to shut off your valves before you try out that brand new wrench. If there’s one thing you remember to do when plumbing, that’s it. Two weeks ago, I learned my lesson. I sprung a leak in the bathroom, ran around in circles, and thought I was going to have to call the fastest emergency plumber in Naperville.

But no worries – after a few seconds, my head cleared. I sprinted toward my shut off valve before the water made too much of a mess. After some quality time mopping up the kitchen, I was more than ready to head into Chicago for a Blackhawks game. I had a great time, too.

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company

Finding good Carpet Cleaning Services in Richmond

When you want your carpets cleaned, you would probably ask your friends or colleagues about good Richmond area carpet cleaners, but don’t knock the other possibility – finding one on your own based on research and predefined criteria.

What Are You Looking For?

Convenience, cost and care are your three Cs where your main Cs – your carpets – are concerned. Let’s take a look at each, briefly.


Obviously, you want a company that does a great job with the carpet – stains and all – but does it in a “non-obstructive” way. You don’t want your family members or your office staff to be stepping over carpet shampoo and blow-dryers throughout the process. A good company like Richmond Chem-Dry will assess low-traffic periods and do the job during those times. Anything else would be less than optimal for the customer; in this case, you.


You certainly want to consider this aspect because cost is a definitive feature of any service. Low cost does not mean low quality; conversely, high cost does not mean high quality – it just means fancier equipment, modern processes and better outcomes. You may have to search a little, but you can definitely find a company that offers a good balance of cost and quality.


This is a basic aspect because the type of care that your carpets need depends on what they’re made of. Natural fibres need different care from synthetic carpets, for example: certain types of natural fibres don’t do well with certain cleaning agents, and so on. Essentially, a company that provides really good carpet cleaning services in Richmond will do an assessment before they bring even a single piece of equipment into your premises.

Keep these three Cs as your guiding principles as you evaluate various service providers – they’re the only things standing between you and catastrophe!